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Time Looped as

№ 77


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The first iconic episode and a classic example of the intersection between pop culture and Christianity that the SFC does so well.


At this point Ben is optimistic about genre movies and is excited for "More: more Pirates, more Matrix, more Nolan Batman".

I'm really glad they're rebooting Spider-Man. Reboots are going to get really old really fast...I don't need to see Spider-Man become Spider-Man again.

Main Topic

Is Batman justified in his vigilantism?

There are four areas Batman must be justified:

  1. General morality
  2. Legality
  3. Motive
  4. Effectiveness
We're talking about Jesus the man, not Jesus the God-- You can't separate them. Oh, you're going to separate Jesus now?
'All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.' Is that from a comic book?
Even if you can say that Batman created supervillains (which I'm not even sure if you can 100% say that), you can't say that Batman created all bad. Otherwise he would be called 'Badman'.
On Back to the Future I bet there's some really great spiritual themes in there. Absolutely. There has to be: it's from 1985.
Take that, Matt!


After feedback from "Prostate Gland Problems", the hosts turn on the spam filter.

Thank you, Prostate Gland Problems! Thank you, Prostate.
Is it a sci-fi prostate gland? I don't want any prostate-related links going up on the website. Is that too much to ask?