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Less a review of The Adjustment Bureau, and more a discussion on free will vs sovereignty.


This guide entry contains spoilers for:
  • The Dark Knight Rises


Alan Moore episode is not quite ready; going to read some more of his work but it will be out this summer.


Peter Jackson might be doing something a little bit naughty: adding female characters to The Hobbit. Ben says it's understandable, but it could be a disaster. Ben just hopes he doesn't make any other changes. ☹️

Justice League announced for 2013 Released in 2017

477 days, 3 hours, 54 minutes, 38 seconds to The Dark Knight Rises

Main Topic

Calvinism and Arminianism are not the only options

5-point and 7-point Calvinism

Does God have a plan?

Did God ensure that Saul would accept him by appearing on the road to Damascus? Did that interfere with Saul's free will?

I'm guessing God had a good idea this was going to work out because there was a lot riding on Paul. Maybe there was a guy before Paul named Bob who was also persecuting Christians. He was the first choice. Yes. Paul was like the B team. Exactly. That's really sad. Bob the Pharisee on the road to Damascus. Jesus appears to him and, 'Eh'.

Open Theism

Would it have been better for God to make all the choices for us?

Would you give up your free will if it meant everyone would be saved?

Is predestination unjust?

We're not "The Saving Private Ryan Christian", we're The Sci-Fi Christian, and it's not a sci-fi movie, so we shouldn't talk about it. We'll probably never ever talk about it again. We'll probably never talk about it again.
Jesus was not a zombie, Jesus was not a clone... How else did he come back to life?
People have to have free will. Hmm...

DeBonism "invented" (God elects, and those elect have the responsibility to make more elect)


One of Matt's friends told him that they stopped listening to the podcast because Matt and Ben talk over each other. So I threw something at them, and then kicked them. And that friendship is over.

Archivist Note

The Secondhand Spectacular is my favorite moment from the first ten episodes of the show.