Matt, Koby







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Matt is still using the "It's a Trap" transition for Feedback, even though they're their own episodes now.

Matt asked Koby to guest host because Koby was over at Matt's house that day.

Koby is still texting while recording. Multiple times.

Ben will appear more sporadically than first planned.

Blondeen suggests a rule for determining if you're still reading a book: if you don't have to skim backwards to remind yourself what's going on.

Koby doesn't read much.

Koby thinks Tim Allen starred in a remake movie.

Koby did not listen to № 42 Top 5 Pixar Movies, even though he loves Pixar.

Koby doesn't like Toy Story 2.

Rick Lee James emailed the show. He's an indy singer/songwriter and the host of the Voices in My Head podcast. He invited Ben and Matt to appear on his podcast for an interview.

Matt came out strongly against cannibalism.

Mike Poteet suggested the name "time loop" for rerun episodes.

Koby doesn't like the name "time loop".

Koby said Firefly can't be a good show because it got low ratings and was cancelled.

33:58 Matt and Koby discuss how easy it is to podcast You're proving right now how it's not easy. I'm proving right now it's super easy. It's so easy, people. If you ever want to do this, seriously. I'm texting right now, at this very moment.

Koby wants to co-host again.