Ben, Matt







The best part of the episode is Ben blowing his nose. Actually, that might be the best part of the season.

19th and 20th centuries

5:53 They discuss revival meetings and how they're like Billy Graham crusades In terms of slavery, churches started splitting before the country was split in half. Did you ever go to a...Billy Graham crusade, Matt? For some reason, because I was talking about slavery, I thought you were going to say 'plantation'. Then I would have said 'no' for sure. Well, you can go to plantations. I never went to a Billy Graham crusade. Have you? Well, if you go to the South, they still have some plantations open. Like, not-- Where they have active slaves? Is that what you're saying? No! Like, you can go and tour them. With slaves and all?
7:07 Ben blows his nose Ben. Geez. We talked about this on past episodes. I don't know if it was on the Life Report, but-- Condition! It's not a condition! Just hold your nose! My nose condition. Just don't blow your nose on the show anymore. Please!

Christian Scientists believe there is no evil and we're living in a dreamlike state.

Ben doesn't like the taste of alcohol. Matt's experience with alcohol is one rum cake.

17:37 Matt discusses Martin Luther King, Jr.'s efforts against injustices What many people don't realize is that his efforts went towards other injustices of every sort. For example, he was leading a poor people's march when he was assassinated in 1968. ...whoops.