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Matt has a prayer request: pray that Joss Whedon's directors cut of The Avengers will be released at the end of the summer.

20:51 Matt explains that the next Transformers movie will be a sequel but not strongly connected to the previous movies. You can go to the fourth having never seen the third, which, I don't think anybody would have never seen the first three. It sucks because Shia LeBeef makes those movies so much better. What?! I have never once heard one person in the entire world ever claim that he made a movie better. My heart. My heart cries. It's Shia LeBeef. You like him? I don't think you're saying his name right. That's cuz actually his name in French means 'beef'. Huh huh. That's why everyone says 'Shia LeBeef'. That's a weird thing to say. It's not weird. Why is that weird? I don't know. You just don't like beef. Actually that's true: I prefer chicken. See? Told ya. That took an interesting turn.
27:43 Daniel says that when you think of superheroes, you think of DC's iconic heroes like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman. You know who thinks of Aquaman? Fish. And fish can't talk. And fish don't pay to see movies, Daniel.

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