Matt, Daniel







Interesting to hear the Disney fan, optimistic side of the Lucasfilm purchase.


This guide entry contains spoilers for:
  • Star Wars sequel trilogy

Matt and Daniel are very excited about the acquisition.

With VII already announced for 2015

Lucasfilm also has Indiana Jones.

Daniel discusses the possible movies, TV shows, theme park attractions, video games, books, and magazines that Disney will put out for Star Wars.

45:40 Daniel says he would cry if they replaced Autotopia with a Star Wars attraction because it's been there since Disneyland opened. Would you actually shed real tears, or is it metaphorical crying? No. It would be metaphorical crying. 'K, good. Crying is for babies, Daniel. Everyone knows that.

Will Disney release the original theatrical Trilogy or the Holiday Special on Blu-Ray?

In May 2020, 20th Century Fox will lose all but A New Hope to Disney. A New Hope is theirs indefinitely. Not sure how this is affected by Disney's planned acquisition of 20th Century Fox.

Both say it's more likely that Disney buys 20th Century Fox than that Fox sells A New Hope to Disney. Well done 👍

1:12:53 We're guaranteed we're going to have more Star Wars. Because Disney is gonna make money off this.