Matt, Daniel, Koby







An OK discussion of scientology. Would have been improved by Koby doing more research.

Matt remembers to play the main topic Dr. Horrible transition music.

Koby reads from the Scientology website.

Matt wants to know why people started joining a religion started by a science fiction writer.

Why would someone want to be a Christian and a scientologist? Daniel says it's because there's a lot of mystery in Christianity, and scientology promises all the answers.

35:17 Daniel talks about Hubbard's desire for a legacy. Now when you think about a legacy, now who's had a legacy, I don't know, going on 2000 years now? The pooope! ...Is that what you're talking about? No! I'm talking about one person whose name is still heard daily across every continent in the world-- Oprah?

Was L. Ron Hubbard sincere?

Daniel was part of a human shield against Westboro Baptist church at a funeral.

Koby says there's a lot of scientologists and it's growing fast. My brief research says there are few Scientologists and it's shrinking.