Ben, Matt







Fine look at a good movie.

4:34 Ben gives his thoughts on John Carter

7:49 Ben explains the color coding on his iPad soundboard

Ben wants to start podcasting once a week again because he has a free night every week. He's a picky eater and so Annie made dinners that he didn't like while he was out of the house for school. She was annoyed that he was home every night of the week now that he's less busy with school, so she asked him to be out of the house one day a week.

11:15 Even if we do the news as a separate episode, I think we need to get back to doing news.

12:40 Ben wants to play the "Matt Anderson Crackup" clip.

Matt and Ben will send a link to the video for a $5 donation. Here ya go.

Main Topic

Matt is afraid listeners will think this episode is a time loop and skip it.

16:50 The hosts voted three to one to not give time loops new episode numbers, but Matt continues to do it anyway. Thanks, Matt!


16:50 The Ben De Bono countdown music

Top 5 Coolest Parts of Looper


  1. The disappearing body parts scene
  2. Telekinesis
  3. The blunderbuss
  4. The 30-year montage
  5. Jeff Daniels

The battle between your present and future self


55:24 Sci-Fi Christian Story Time: Spoilers Save the Day

Maybe there's an explanation I missed, but the existence of loopers seems like a major plot hole. It looks like the mob has control over the location when they send people back in time, so why not send people back into the furnace directly? Or into the ocean? Or 100 feet up in the air?

Archivist Note

I was going to listen without having seen the movie, but I reconsidered when both hosts rated it highly and described it as "understated sci-fi". So I switched over to a baseball podcast about the MLB trade deadline. They mentioned that the Phillies had just acquired the obscure player Aaron Loup, which led to a brief discussion about the film Looper. It was a sign. I watched it. 4.5 out of 5 stars.