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This episode sponsored by David, who set a new record for largest donation.

1:45 Ben walks the listeners through donating on the website. Way easier than giving to church. Way easier. Way easier. So if you can give to church, you can do this. You know, if you're not going to church currently, and so you're not tithing... Make us your church. This is a great place to tithe to.


Ben is resigned to the fact of new Star Wars movies, and is in favor of JJ Abrams directing.

Ben thinks they should replace the robot in the Bad Robot opening to Star Wars Episode VII with R2-D2.

17:10 Ben had a dream that Matt pranked him.

Matt asks and Ben elucidates: "De Bono", capital "D", space before "Bono".

Ben loves Doctor Who now.

Ben is going to restart the Game of Thrones videos without Matt.

31:17 Matt thinks X-Men: Days of Future Past is trying to bring all the X-Men film characters together to emulate The Avengers I think it's a true theory. I endorse it. Thank you. We'll call it, 'The Ben de Bono Theory'.
33:58 Matt's friend Brad emailed some feedback 'The bleeping in your recent episode is hilarious.' So, thanks for swearing, Ben. You bet your [bleep]!

Take that, Science: an engineer petitioned the US Government to do a feasibility study on building a Starship Enterprise.

Gargoyles were for the illiterate, to tell them part of the Story, showing that there is evil outside the church, and to scare people.

Matt is anti-gargoyle, Ben is pro-gargoyle.

Ben wants Jack Black to be cast as Doctor Strange so the movie will bomb.

Ben wants to release a CD with all the SFC sound clips.

Matt is disappointed that Aquaman is rumored to not appear in the Justice League movie.