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Ben reveals that Matt lives with Ryan Strelau in Scotland Green Apartments in Mountains View, MN

6:14 Matt wants to be nominated for the Battle Royale, since he's a sci-fi creator. [And a] permanent member of the A Squad. Unless I quit this year. Well, no. Well, just—let's say I get really busy after marriage. No no no no no. We are—well, you probably will be pretty busy. But, well, because there's, lots of, like, husband duties I have to, like, take care of things, I have to be working a lot... Oh yeah. You've got to take care of things. Uh, I have to, like, you know, I just have to be going to, like, marriage seminars, so there's lots of things to do... Wait, so how many marriage seminars do you think you're going to go to as a married man? I was just trying to move past what you were saying, because I refuse to edit— What was I saying? I refuse to edit this episode! What was I saying? Cuz we have to get this out tomorrow, so we have to be on our best behavior. I can't censor you, I can't do anything, so just— Oh, you should not have told me that.

Ben found out that technically, any male Catholic can be chosen to be pope.


Dan Simmons is Ben's favorite science fiction author, and The Terror is his favorite Simmons book.

Matt stopped reading a book (The Christian Atheist) and sold it at Half-Price Books. Ben is proud.

Ben does "For It or Against It" for which Star Wars characters should get a spinoff. Matt likes it and has Ben do "For It or Against It" for news items at the end of the show.

42:11 Admiral Akbar was not listed as a possible spinoff character. Now, why in the [bleep]— No! You don't have to censor that. I do! You don't! *groan* You don't! Dang it, keep talking. —is Admiral Akbar not on that list? See why that required some mild language? Since it's an important point. Just keep talking while I write the time code down. Well you don't need—I thought we were allowed mild profanities. No! I've never said that! I'm against all profanities! I thought that was the rule! Since when? I just thought that was the rule! On what episode have I allowed that to pass? I didn't say you had, I just thought that was the rule.

Take That, Science: Scientists have created zombie cells

Take That, Science: Scientists have provided limited sight to the blind

Take That, Science: It definitely was an asteroid that killed the dinosaurs

Take That, Science: A meteorite injured a thousand people in Russia

Take That, Science: Police say a man died by spontaneous combustion

Take That, Science: Chechnya banned wizards and sorcery

Take That, Science: Someone hacked an early response system in Montana and sent a warning that dead bodies were rising from their graves

Stan Lee Quote of the Week: Stan rants about weather reports

They switch seats so Ben can read an email from Matt's computer.

Ben reads Colin in the UK s email in an English accent. Halfway through he inexplicably switches to Scottish.

Listener Feedback

56:40 Listeners rave about "You Say You Want a Revolution?" Ben is put out and calls Brad Jorde, "Gordie".

Koby made a Facebook page for his cat Kitty Radcliffe.

Blondeen #3 writes in that Matt should play "Triple Pope" at his wedding. He also admits to being a brony. Matt is willing to watch an episode of My Little Pony for a review, but Ben refuses.