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No need to listen to old news. Check the guide for what's interesting in hindsight.


It's superhero week (here and on other Christian geek podcasts).

Robin in the UK won the pipe smoking contest.

Contest answers

  1. Frodo
  2. Saruman and Bill Ferny
  3. Gimli
  4. Elves
  5. Briar

Robin picked 5 episodes of Deep Space 9 for Ben to watch: "Emissary", "Way of the Warrior", "The Visitor", "The Ascent", and "In the Pale Moonlight".

Ben starts another contest, same rules, same prize.

  1. In the History of Christianity episodes, which historical figure's name does Ben claim sounds like it should be a swear word?
  2. Which book did The Life Report spend many of its final episodes discussing chapter by chapter?
  3. Who was/were the first person/people to be involved in a Sci-Fi Christian production besides Ben and Matt?
  4. What activity does Matt claim he is too old for now that he has reached his 30s?
  5. What was the date of The Life Report's first contest? (bonus points if you name the prize)

The hosts eventually cancel this contest due to lack of participation. The questions are pretty difficult: 1 is easy, 2 I could find, 3 I'd have a harder time finding, 4 I don't remember at all and don't think I could find, 5 is currently not possible to find without The Life Report episodes.


Koby debuted on Strangers and Aliens episode 67.

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. isn't out yet but Koby said it's already his favorite show.

11:35 Ben says Koby has recently been eloquent and logical. He's making all these very compelling, intellectually-honest, coherent thoughts, and I don't know what to do with this. And then he puts up the S.H.I.E.L.D. trailer and says, 'It's my favorite show!', even though it doesn't debut for four months. And I wrote, 'There's the Koby we all know and love'. It's good to have you back, little buddy!

12:27 Ben introduces a new segment: What the Frodo. Matt loses it.

What the Frodo: 24 is returning

New segment: Video Game News

EA will be making Star Wars video games. They've registered the following URLs:


Stan Lee Quote of the Week: Stan wants an Academy Award for best cameos

40:18 How many Iron Man 3s is it going to take for you to stop being in favor of more Marvel movies? I don't know. I'm not sure how many. OK, well I just want to keep that as an open question. How about this then? We'll keep that open: we'll see what movie finally turns me.

Take That, Science: 78,000 people have applied for positions on a private Mars colony project. The project will be funded by turning the selection and training process into a reality TV show. The company went bankrupt in 2019.

Take That, Science: Boob armor is dangerous

45:49 Here we go. 'Why Boob Plate Armor Will Kill You'. How did you find this article, Ben? I just find it.

Ben is going to Disney in September and knows he will hate it. Oh boy

They're filming Avatar 2 and Avatar 3 back-to-back starting in 2014.

Ben got his second Master's degree in two years.

Ben thinks Ben Kingsley will make a comeback from Iron Man 3 in Ender's Game.


Ben and Matt call the show's phone number and leave a voicemail for themselves.

Ben hates ellipses.


Daniel leaves a voicemail.

Ben and Matt want to watch Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. with Daniel and do weekly video reviews.