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Listen if you're interested in playing the game.

Ben drives 30 minutes each way to podcast, and Matt is about to move farther away.

Both are on the exercise app Endomondo.

Main Topic

Matt is a fighting game prodigy.

Ben says the story is deeper thematically than any superhero movie outside The Dark Knight trilogy. He suggests watching the story clips on YouTube.

Is it OK for Superman to exist?

38:45 Sci-Fi Christian Story Time: Hello and Goodbye to Ryan Strelau

38:58 What will be your favorite memory of hosting The Sci-Fi Christian? Well, I was just thinking about it today actually, and I thought, you know's an interesting feeling to be such a part of something that I'm not a part of. Yes! And I thought, that feeling will probably never happen again.
41:22 It makes sense because, some people on the show might not know that you witnessed to me when we were in second grade, so Ryan is actually the reason I became a Christian. Oh my gosh. Well, one of them. And in return, I witnessed to him about Batman. So it's an even exchange. It is. Jesus for Batman. It is even.

Ryan suggests naming the next studio BAM Studios for "Ben and Matt".

They make Ryan listen to all their sound clips.