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Way too long for the few interesting parts.

Ben realized that Superman is an archetypal character and now appreciates him.

The first version of Superman was a bald villain.

Ben wants to modify Newman's Theory of Doctrinal Development to apply to comic book character adaptation.

8 Cons about Man of Steel

Rick Lee James

  1. Women in media are objectifying Henry Cavill.
  2. Why did Clark reveal himself to everyone?
  3. Why did The Daily Planet get all their news from CNN?
  4. Why was there a USB port in Lois's jail cell?
  5. Why did Superman only save Lois?
  6. Did Superman rebuild Metropolis?
  7. The prequel comic should not be required reading.
  8. Earth would have been better off if Kal-El had died on Krypton.
59:57 Comics objectify women You know, basically the equivalent of a female superhero would wear, like, lingerie to fight crime in, you know-- Well yeah, isn't that true? I mean, that's what I would be more comfortable in, of course. Absolutely. In fact, Matt is wearing lingerie right now. I like to be comfortable when I podcast.

Ben owns a Windows phone.

8 Pros about Man of Steel

Rick Lee James

  1. Christ-like symbolism
  2. Good acting
  3. Definition of faith
  4. Jonathan Kent's quote "I am your father"
  5. Kal El's mom's quote "Make a better world than ours"
  6. Brief origin story. Like Jesus.
  7. Tone not too dark

Ben jokes that Superman is probably a Catholic. Actually, he's Methodist.

Patriotism to the extreme is wrong, as shown by Zod.

Rick says God doesn't recognize country borders. He definitely deals with countries separately in the Old Testament, which I think requires borders. Maybe the counter is that Paul invalidated borders when he said "There is neither Jew nor Greek" (Gal. 3:28)?

1:44:52 And I was a little worried...this is gonna sound maybe racist, but that we had Perry Black instead of Perry White. Ooh, you're right, that was racist. That was completely racist! Wow.


Video review included at end

Take That, Science: Vsauce about the power of Supermans punch