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17:30 You love Jeff Goldblum? Oh, yeah! He's awesome! He's so cool. I miss that guy. Are you being serious? I'm way serious. You're not serious. Nobody loves Jeff Goldblum. I love Jeff Goldblum! Why? Why?

What the Frodo: a Captain Planet movie is coming

22:40 Captain Planet live action movie Do you think they'll bring Jeff Goldblum back? Be still my heart!

26:46 Racist News of the Day

3 Recent Deaths


  1. James Gandolfini
  2. Vince Flynn
  3. Richard Matheson

30:43 Matt wants news to brighten him up after the obituaries, so Ben introduces a new segment: Encouraging Signs.

Encouraging Signs: Networks are doing short TV seasons

Encouraging Signs: Christian Bale says three Dark Knight movies is enough

Des arrives early for the next episode.

Stan Lee Quote of the Week: A Black Panther movie is coming

Take That, Science: Investigator warns UN of impending killer robot uprising, calls for ban

Fox is developing a movie adaptation of the Choose Your Own Adventure books.

Ben is Right: Des agrees that 3 Pixar movies every 2 years is too many

Ben says the show will never end, not even with Matt's marriage.