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No need to listen to old news. Check the guide for what's interesting in hindsight.

Matt asks a listener to make a Matt is Right clip as a wedding present.

Matt was right about the next Superman movie being a Batman team up.

What the Frodo: Karen Gillian shaved her head to pay Nebula

What the Frodo: Joss Whedon said all the rehashing is bad for pop culture

Ben is Right: Joss Whedon has abandoned his principles

Encouraging Signs: Ryan Reynolds bombed twice in one week (Turbo and RIPD)

Ben tries to make a video game news segment music happen again

Ben is Right: Matt misidentified an actor

39:46 Take That, Science: Politician admits to having an affair and love child with an alien

41:28 The politician gets abducted four times a year and has an alien baby named Zarka It doesn't go on to say though, if he cares for his child Zarka? He's kind of a deadbeat dad who only goes up four times a year. Wow. What a loser. I know. But, on the other hand, he does see his baby more than my dad saw me when I was growing up. So take that, science.

Stan Lee Quote of the Week: Stan rants about lines at Comic Con

Matt also put Twelve Monkeys on his wedding registry

They're planning to live-blog Sharknado


A lot of listeners sent in negative feedback about Episode 172 What We Would Change about the Comics Industry. Steve unsubscribed because of the negativity over superhero movies.

Ben is Right: In Season 1 of Super Book, the kids got sucked into the book instead of the computer

Matt bleeped a Man of Steel spoiler