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A pretty funny episode with some amusing Bigfoot theories, but no.


0:00 Episode 178: Bigfoot, Dinos, and Dragons. Yeah. It was quite an episode. Time loop, everyone. Shh! Shh! Don't tell them it's a time loop!
2:02 What if The Rock is shaved Bigfoot?

Time Loop

Matt's theories are: dinosaurs/dragons still exist, and Bigfoot is an interdimensional being

11:26 For the sake of the show, don't debate me.
13:51 My gosh. You're not arguing that dinosaurs still exist. No no. You're arguing that dragons exist. I'm actually arguing the dragons and dinosaurs are one and the same. That was the most messed-up theory that I have ever heard in my entire life.
26:04 So, previous theories about how or what Bigfoot is, is that, it, uh...apes. OK?
27:17 I feel like I just watched this episode, which was going along nicely, jump off a cliff. You just asked, wouldn't it be sweet if Bigfoot could talk to us.
29:38 This is why China has banned time-travel movies.
30:32 Koby's never allowed to guest host again. He actually left the room! I know. He went to the bathroom.
34:36 Koby, thanks for coming. Probably won't have you back again, but still.