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This series still has a way to go
4:33 That guy had a killer moustache. Oh, yeah that guy was awesome. Yeah, I kind of like his no-nonsense attitude, kind of laissez-faire. Don't you kind of wish the moustache would come back into fashion? Well, I mean, look at you with it. I mean, facial hair is big. No no no no no no no no, not the full beard. I'm talking just the moustache. You know, I'm not—I don't necessarily, I'm not missing it, I guess. But it's fine. If you have a moustache out there, feel proud. Have you ever thought of growing a moustache? I…don't think I can. Facial hair hasn't ever been my specialty.
5:27 I believe in you. I think that if you actually gave it a try for a month or so, you could get a solid ’stache. You know, if I had a job where I didn't have to look professional, I would let my facial hair grow out a little bit just to give it a shot. Yeah. You really should. I just don't have that capacity right now. Well, you know, just forget your job. Just let them deal with it for a month or so. Good advice from Ben De Bono! That's a good topic for a future episode.

Ben says the standalone episodes are the best and worst episodes; the mythology episodes are just a mess.

Ben is sad that the rewatch is making him like the show less.

29:30 There's only one episode left—nope, two episodes left in Season 4 that are worth discussing. And then…yep, and then quite a bit more. One two three four five six seven…twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen—yeah we have…oh boy. Oh boy, Ben. We have a lot more. We have a lot more to do. We have over twenty more episodes to watch, if not thirty.

Real-Life X-File: Dave Johnson had strange spiritual dreams

Dave Johnson plugs his YouTube channel, Fragrance Bros. Still going! Now 40k subscribers

Archivist Note

Ben is still asking interested, but it's obvious he's paying less attention as he watches the episodes while working.