Ben, Matt, Aaron Reini, Allan Reini, CJ Stunkard, Brian Koser, Melissa Koser, Jordan C, Brandon Williams, John Wilkerson







Fast forward 40 minutes to when the Q&A begins


4:57 Jonathan won the Facebook contest, but never responded to Matt's email. Ben suggested picking a different winner but Matt felt bad switching. You're too easily convicted by mild dishonesties for the sake of convenience.

Matt's bedtime is 10 pm. Ben starts watching a movie at 10 pm.

Allan "Gango" Reini is the first guest to join.

30 minutes into the episode (but only 5 minutes late), the technical details are settled and we hear the first guests, the Reinis. They immediately go on mute.

CJ gets on video but not audio. He communicates with hand signals.

Brian and Melissa can speak, but can't hear.

CJ can now speak, on a 10-second delay.

Someone's baby is crying in the background. Ooh, probably ours.


Someone just left, and I think it was-- You left! You! How could I have left? The Sci-Fi Christian left the conversation! What a disaster!

40 minutes in, Brian and Melissa are working completely fine. Nobody else.


  • How did you meet and become friends?
  • Have you ever travelled outside the country?
  • What does Ben do to relax instead of go on vacation?
  • Best book and movie recommendations you've received?
  • What kind of bike should I buy?
  • Should I get an M. Div. degree or a Masters of Theological Studies?
  • Is this more or less of a disaster than Reuniting with the Reinis?
  • What weekend in October works for the next Reinifest?
  • What is Matt's favorite animal?
  • Tips on listening to audio books while biking?
  • Do you have any Minnesota or Twin Cities fun facts?
  • What is the best book you've discovered while reading to your kids?
  • When calling you by your last name, do people still call you Mr. Anderson like Agent Smith from The Matrix?
  • Matt, did you ever swaddle your daughter and tell your wife, "John Locke said they like to be swaddled"? Or did you just think it?
  • Who is your favorite patron saint?
  • Do you think Saint Isidore, the patron saint of computer programmers, gets confused when people ask him for debugging help?
  • What do you both do for a living?
  • Why do both of your wives have Minnesotan accents, but neither of you do?
  • Favorite board game?
  • What is some parenting advice for the toddler stage?
  • If the state of Minnesota were struck by an asteroid the exact size and shape of Minnesota, where would you want to live?
  • What is one sci-fi thing you wish your co-host was more into?
  • How do you feel about the present condition of the science fiction genre?
  • How do you feel about the future of science fiction? What patterns or themes do you see becoming a bigger influence?
  • Ben, why did you become Catholic instead of Eastern Orthodox?
  • What do you think about Victor Hugo?
  • Who is your favorite teacher from church history?
  • Do you have any unorthodox theological beliefs?
  • Can you name five sci-fi stories with a Christian worldview, not counting stories by the Inklings?
  • Ben, favorite beer?
  • Matt, favorite video game?
  • Ben, favorite ride at Disney World?
  • Matt, favorite Sandra Bullock movie?
  • Favorite book of the Bible?
  • Ben, favorite squirrel activity?
  • Matt, best marriage book?
  • Ben, favorite film director still alive?
  • Matt, favorite comic series?
  • Favorite Bible character?
  • Ben, most traumatic moment with your children?
  • Matt, most joyful moment with your children?
  • Do you have a life verse?
  • Ben, favorite children's picture book?
  • Matt, favorite holiday?
  • Ben, favorite food?
  • Matt, favorite worship song?
  • Ben, favorite quote?
  • If you could send your X-Files Excavation series back in time to stop the series from happening, would you?
  • Would you rather rewatch the last X-Files season, or watch Heroes Reborn?
  • Is Matt quitting?
  • How has your relationship changed after podcasting for 500 episodes?
  • What are some of your accomplishments that wouldn't have happened other than through the podcast?

Ben went on a missions trip to Poland to convert the Catholics. So that went well.

CJ starts talking and everybody else leaves. "Caller error".

CJ is also running a water fundraiser.

The last Water Fund donation was over a month ago. Ben asks if they'll still make the goal. Matt still believes in the listeners.

Ben's grandpa is getting married. He clarified that it's not a polygamist situation.


Someone just left, and I think it was-- You left! You! How could I have left? The Sci-Fi Christian left the conversation! What a disaster!

Ben realizes that Matt is a professional fundraiser and hasn't raised funds for the podcast.

Ben mentions Sturgeon's Law as a reason to watch and read older works.

Matt thinks the next genre fad is multiverses.

Ben thinks if the Dark Tower movie is good, it will bring back mid-range budget genre movies.

2001: A Space Odyssey is now Ben's favorite movie.

Ben's favorite book of the Bible is Ecclesiastes. Matt won't pick a favorite but he first mentions Matthew.

Matt is mostly joking about leaving the podcast. There's a good chance he'll quit before Ben is ready to stop.

Since Matt is staying past Episode 500, Ben will start watching Heroes Season 3 for the next rant episode.

John Wilkerson leaves a voicemail with a couple more questions.