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Mostly predictions of which superhero movies will be good.


Matt played Pandemic for the first time


Good Omens miniseries coming Now due to be released in 2019

Rumor: Marion Cotillard is Talia al Ghul

Ryan Reynolds will do a Deadpool standalone movie Finally made in 2016

Unbreakable will be a trilogy Happened in 2016

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Phases of Superhero Movies

  1. Early (1978-1997, Superman-Batman and Robin)
  2. Rennaisance (2000-2005, includes X-Men 1-2, Spider-Man 1-2, Batman Begins)
  3. Fatigue (2005-2008, includes Ghost Rider, Electra, Punisher, Fantastic Four, Superman Returns, X-Men 3, Wolverine, Spider-Man 3)
  4. Rejuvenation (2008-, The Dark Knight, Iron Man)

Factors to determine the future of the superhero genre

  1. Will The Avengers succeed?
  2. What happens to Batman post-Nolan?
  3. Will X-Men: First Class be a successful spinoff?
  4. Will The Amazing Spider-Man be a successful reboot?
  5. Can lesser-known characters like Thor, Captain America, and Green Lantern be successful?

Superhero Genre Predictions


  1. Successful
  2. Nolan will continue as executive producer and make more movies in the Nolan-verse
  3. Good actors, will be awesome
  4. It will be awesome
  5. Captain America successful, Thor will be the best of the three but will get a so-so reception, Green Lantern bad


  1. Successful
  2. DC and WB will continue to make Batman movies in the Nolan-verse
  3. Will be good, not successful
  4. In my mind, there is almost no way it can fail.
  5. High hopes for Captain America, low hopes for Thor (it won't get many sequels unless it's fantastic), no hopes for Green Lantern (will not get sequels)

Hopefully superhero movies will help bring us through postmodernism.

The genre is unique because it's currently the only one that's mythological.

Will directors and studios see the success of The Dark Knight as caused by it's dark and gritty feel or because it had things deep and objective to say? Sorry guys, they took dark and gritty


Hopefully someday, Ben, we'll have enough listeners calling in that we can have whole episodes about listener feedback also. Interesting. That would be fun. That would be fun.

Archivist Note

Both are very optimistic about the superhero film genre, Ben even more so than Matt.