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One of the funniest episodes, with the all-time great moment of Ben singing the Avatar closing credits song.


This guide entry contains spoilers for:
  • The Dark Knight Rises


Matt said he will read Beowulf. Promised again in 2018. Still in the works, I believe.


Our Wikipedia page is going to say, 'Nice podcast but they lie a lot.'

Only Iron Man and Iron Man 2 have been released, and Ben is already worried that the MCU is prioritizing cleverness and connectedness over story.

Superman renounced his American citizenship (the same week the US military killed Osama Bin Laden)

Maybe the worst title in the history of titles announced: Terminator 2012.

Main Topic

Top 5 Worlds That Need the Gospel


  1. Fables universe
  2. Star Trek universe
  3. The Matrix universe
  4. Westeros
  5. Middle Earth
  • Firefly universe
  • Ilium universe


  1. Sunshine universe
  2. Westeros
  3. Battlestar Galactica universe
  4. Avatar universe
  5. Terminator universe
  • 1984 universe
  • Reign of fire universe
On Avatar We've already figured out how to take over their land; I think it's time to take over their religion.
Avatar was visually nice to look at, but I don't want to see 2 or 3. Do you want to see 2 or 3? Yeah. Why? Because I enjoyed it. You really liked the movie? I didn't love it, but I'd sit through a second or third.
I know what would be worse: having to sit through Equilibrium again. Take that, Brady!
Middle Earth? Again, just picking all your favorite places. You're really a great missionary, Ben. Way to go. I'm sure God is very proud of you.
Much like Martin Luther's Reformation, that's what I see happening in the world of 1984. Martin Luther wasn't under an authoritatian dictatorial regime. Hello? The pope. ...was not a dictator in the sense of 1984! You think so?

Top 5 Sci-Fi Worlds Where We Want to Live


  1. Neverwhere universe
  2. Star Trek universe
  3. Narnia
  4. Star Wars universe
  5. Middle Earth
  • Firefly universe
  • Revelation Space universe


  1. The Island (LOST)
  2. Star Trek universe
  3. Marvel and DC universes
  4. Narnia
  5. Back to the Future 2 universe
  • Fables
There needs to be a sequel series to LOST called Matt Anderson Lives Outside.
I'm really learning something about you here today Ben...if there's anything potentially bad on the mission field, you're just going to be like, 'Eh, I'm not going'...I'm willing to go take a chance for them, for God, for love. But you on the other hand, 'Mmm, I think I'm going to just stay safely here and watch Lord of the Rings again on Blu-Ray!'
Humans in Narnia seem to be the ones who Aslan speaks to the most, so take that, talking animals!
Do you see the similarities between Lord Sidious and the pope? ...No.

Ben's Love Wins review


Ben makes fun of Celine Dion singing at the end of Avatar.