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A shallow look at the Apocalypse, but notable for being the first time that Ben and Matt attack Left Behind.


Ben is now done with Stan Lee cameos and end credit scenes

On the possibility of of The Dark Knight Rises being scary Do you think you'll be able to get through it without holding my hand? I hope not.

Main Topic


  • Amillennialism - millennium is a metaphor for the Church Age
  • Matt is currently tentatively amillennialist
  • Post-millennialism - Church will establish millennium, at the end Jesus returns
  • Pre-millennialism
    • Jesus returns and establishes the millennium
    • Historic (no rapture, no tribulation) vs Dispensationalist (rapture and tribulation)
  • Ben is currently historical premillennialist


  • Literal
  • Metaphorical

Final Judgment

  • Sinners go to hell, Earth is destroyed, saved go to heaven
  • Sinners go to hell, Earth is recreated/renewed, the saved are resurrected and live on Earth


  • A recent North American misinterpretation of 1 Thess. 4:17
  • encourages apathy toward the state of the world

The Left Behind video game series might be the single dumbest thing Ben has ever heard of

Is dystopian fiction always post-apocalyptic fiction?


Read on, champ. Don't call me champ.
Here's the question. I'm ready, Colin. 'Is there a universe where Matt has actually read all the books, so instead of saying, "I am planning on reading that", he says, "I have read that"?' Aw man. I think there is probably not such a universe. All of our listener feedback is making fun of me, week after week.
On multiple universes What if God makes all your alternate selves fight in a giant cage match? At the end of time? During Judgment Day? Yeah. And then that's how he decides where you go?
God is what He is. He's the Great Is-er.


Both hum along to Mario music

Ben tapes his fingers together

Archivist Note

It's amusing to hear Matt and Ben attack Left Behind with the fervency of the disillusioned. I was raised with the same eschatology and am currently undecided on the issue, but to play devil's advocate for dispensational premillennialism: prophecy is often vague, and if there's any area where the church could change doctrine "late in the game", it would be eschatology.