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Time Looped as

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The comics continuity discussion is mildly interesting, but there are some great moments including Ben's idea for fixing continuity and the post-end music singalong.


Dave Johnson, SFC website writer guest hosts

Dave is the canceller; he appeared on The Life Report which they now decided to cancel

Dave is the newest member of the SFC team

Matt said he would read Dave's the Countdown in the next 6 months


Expanding SFC to a team of bloggers

Lead by Brandon Gibbs, along with the website redesign

Now at because it's more than just a podcast

Now have a donation page

Contributors are Brady, Daniel Butcher, Max Pfeffer, Brandon Gibbs, Jimmy, Dave Johnson

The Sci-Fi Feud Continues, and one of Ben's favorite sound clips is introduced:

If Ben De Bono jumped off a cliff, would Matt Anderson follow? I would say yes.

Ben doesn't like fan fiction Although he will like Ready Player One the next year

Ben and Matt are going to write their Noah fan fiction on the website

  • Noah vs Jonah (Jonah comes riding into town on a whale)
  • Noah vs Dinosaurs
  • Noah vs Snakes on a Plane
  • Multiverse Noah
  • Imposter Noah
  • Dove-Winged Noah
  • Flying Ark
  • Doves vs Ravens
  • Ultimate Noah
  • Noah 2012 (this time, the Ark is not enough!)
Dave thinks Christina Hendricks is too buxom to play Wonder Woman I'm not looking at bad stuff, I'm just trying to see if she's buxom.

Main Topic

The continuity conundrum is that Marvel and DC continuity is convoluted and confusing.

Solutions to the continuity conundrum

  • Dave: Scrap the DC continuity
  • Matt: Reduce number of Marvel titles, limit characters to one title
  • Ben: Scrap the continuities, set a time limit of e.g. 10 years with the intent of having the story end and starting over again at the end

Green Lantern: Rebirth was released in 2004, not 1994.

Superhero comic recommendations

  • Dave: All-Star Superman, Green Lantern: Rebirth, Green Lantern: Sinestro Corps War, Identity Crisis
  • Matt: Kraven's Last Hunt (Spider-Man), Civil War, Ultimate Spider-Man, House of M
  • Ben: Joss Whedon's run on Astonishing X-Men

Ben is doing pastoral counseling over Google Chat while recording


If they get enough support, they will quit their jobs and go full time, releasing 1-hour episodes 5 days a week


Firefly theme singalong Best singalong in SFC history

Archivist Note

Matt arguing that Marvel continuity has never had a crisis is a semantics game. For example, Heroes Reborn is totally a crisis, even though it was branded as a "rebirth"