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Mostly a summary of movie reviews that came out in 2011.


Ben plays the new Obi-Wan screech from the A New Hope Blu-ray over and over.

AMC is starting a Walking Dead talk show

Matt predicts 3 superhero shows: (19:30, 22:30)

Matt "predicts" Arrow and Flash Who would you like to be in a CW show? DC character. ...I like Flash, I think I'd like to see that. I wouldn't mind seeing Green Arrow. I like Green Arrow.
Matt "predicts" Gotham I've said two, I would like to see either Flash or Green Arrow. Who would you pick? Batman. You can't pick Batman. Well, that's who I pick. You can't. Why not? Fine, how about Batboy? No, that's stupid! And we'll call it "Gotham City" and it's Batman growing up as a boy.

Colin from the UK gives a glowing review to Batman: On Stage

The Dark Knight Rises news: Ben had a dream where the first two hours of the movie were Bruce Wayne sitting in the Batcave talking about his emotional issues.

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Follow up to State of the Superhero episode

On Thor I have warmed up to it a little bit. Oh that's interesting. How come? Just because it's so's like, you know, you have a friend who's just kind of dumb, and they just say dumb things, and yeah they're stupid but you like hanging out with them because they amuse you, and you learn all sorts of great stuff from them even though it's absolutely ridiculous, and they don't have anything actually sensible to say, there's just something kind of amusing about the relationship because of how absolutely absurd it is. Are you describing me? Maybe.

Ben starts the rumor that Stan Lee and Ryan Reynolds are the same person (since they both appear in a lot of superhero movies).


Matt and Joshua are doing the second SFC Readalong: A Wizard of Earthsea