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Decent. Daniel drove the discussion and Koby was Koby.

Main Topic

Koby says "array" is a big word.

Is God a time traveller?

Is time travel compatible with Christianity?

Koby doesn't like N. T. Wright

3:49 Koby: back years ago, I remember you first heard about open theism, and you got so mad. Tell me why. I just don't like it. I'm so glad that you're on the show today. That's the sort of in-depth analysis that you're not going to find on a lot of other podcasts out there in the Christian sector.

Could you interfere with God's plan by time travelling? Can you interfere with God's plan without time travelling?

Is taking communion a form of time travel?

Daniel says God isn't interested in removing the Fall from the timeline, he's interested in restoring us.

2 Peter 3:8: God doesn't interact with time in the way we do

God existed before time.

Will we track time in eternity?

God made time stand still for Joshua. He also made time go backward for Hezekiah.

How does God see time?

Mere Christianity Almost certainly God is not in Time. His life does not consist of moments following one another. If a million people are praying to Him at ten-thirty tonight, He need not listen to them all in that one little snippet which we call ten-thirty. Ten-thirty-and every other moment from the beginning of the world-is always the Present for Him.

Koby believes we invented time, that it's only a concept and a measurement.

Daniel counters with entropy, a way to measure time that's independent of humans.

They agree that from man's perspective God travels through time, but from God's perspective he's not.

Koby says God could create a rock so big He could not lift it.

Koby confuses himself reading what he wrote on the website.

Matt's theory on time travel is "whatever happened, happened": all time happens at once, you've already time traveled, already changed anything. Koby does not understand this theory.

Not a Scrooge scenario where it's observation only. Maybe the best way to explain this view would be to say: all of time happens/happened/is happening at once. We think the present is special because we're here, the past is set, and the future has not happened yet, but in this theory there's no difference between the three.

46:36 Let's say that in ten years I time travel for the first time. I doubt it. Back to 1992. Why would you be the first one?

When the prophets had a vision, were they time travelling?

Koby asks, would God "break that rule of time" by letting someone time travel? God "breaking the rules" of physics is what we call a "miracle". It has happened a few times.

Daniel says Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure is the best and most important time travel movie of all time.

Koby thinks Doctor Who is completely ridiculous and really dumb.

Philippians 3:13: God doesn't want us to meddle with the past through time travel

58:34 Would you like to change history there, Koby? I don't know why I'm apparently the villain right now. I don't get it. Are you the villain? You're not the villain. I want to be a villain some day. Is that actually what you want to do for your life? No, it's not....well, maybe. But, as a youth pastor I can't say that. So no. Nope. I always want to be a good guy. *slurp* Are you seriously drinking that into the microphone? Oh, Koby.

Matt says time travel is compatible with Christianity, Koby says it's not


Excerpt from one of Ben's sermons:

Paul says the end times are now, and that God has made the future come into the present.

60 seconds of silence

The last 6 minutes of the show are the hosts trying to come up with episode title. Should have gone with "Quantum Leap of Faith" or "God's Excellent Adventure".

1:18:39 Matt asks if Daniel or Koby has read Slaughterhouse-Five I don't read books.

Archivist Note

Didn't realize the title was a pun on The Time Traveller's Wife until the post-outro scene.