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Great Season 2 summary.


0:11 Ben leaves Daniel and Koby out of the intro

2:50 Everybody that listens knows that Ben De Bono has always kind of been kind of the brains behind the technology here at The Sci-Fi Christian. Well, just 'the brains behind The Sci-Fi Christian'.

Matt prepared envelopes with the award winners. But he didn't seal them because he hates licking envelopes.

Podcast promos from:

  • Wayne Henderson
  • Doug in Atlanta
  • John Wilkerson
  • Rick Lee James
  • Colin in the UK
  • Francisco Ruiz
  • The Sci-Fi Diner
  • Strangers and Aliens

Season 2 Award Results

Award Winners and Runners Up

Movie Review

№ 76 The Dark Knight Rises – Instant Reaction

  • № 55 The Avengers – Instant Reaction
  • № 72 The Amazing Spider-Man Movie Review
  • № 82 John Carter, Savior of Mars
  • № 92 Why James Bond is Sci-Fi

History of Christianity episode

№ 64 The History of Christianity (Part 8)

  • № 56 An Explanation For The History of Christianity
  • № 57 The History of Christianity (Part 1)
  • № 58 The History of Christianity (Part 2)
  • № 59 The History of Christianity (Part 3)
  • № 60 The History of Christianity (Part 4)
  • № 61 The History of Christianity (Part 5)
  • № 62 The History of Christianity (Part 6)
  • № 63 The History of Christianity (Part 7)

Awkward Moment

№ 83 Batman Live – Instant Reaction

  • Ryan Strelau interrupting
  • Ben yelling that he wanted Christopher Tolkien to die

Funniest Moment

№ 83 Batman Live – Instant Reaction

  • Ben and Matt comparing notes on Protestantism and Catholicism
  • Batman Live: Matt not knowing where to go on the parking ramp
  • Ben and Matt talking about which sense they would want to lose first

Lack of Follow Through

Matt's promise that he would have listeners on the show as guest hosts

  • Alan Moore
  • Matt's promise that he wouldn't let Ben back on the show
  • Stan Lee Quote of the Week
  • Game of Thrones Season 2 Videos

Most Shocking News

Ben becomes Catholic

  • Disney buys Lucasfilm
  • The Hobbit becoming a film trilogy
  • Stan Lee is still alive
  • Ben's haircut
  • Ben quits the podcast

Guest Host

Ben De Bono

Worst Episode

The entire History of Christianity series (№ 56-64)

  • № 52 Sci-Fi Feedback
  • № 88 Darth Mickey – Disney Buys Lucasfilm

Time Loop

№ 77 The SFC Time Loop – The Dark Knight On Trial

  • № 46 The SFC Time Loop – Interview with C.K. Kubasik
  • № 65 The SFC Time Loop – Happy Sci-Fi Father’s Day!
  • № 87 The SFC Time Loop – Cloning and the Transfer of Consciousness
  • № 95 The SFC Time Loop – The Lord of the Rings Trilogy


№ 51 Daniel vs Koby: Is Batman a superhero?

  • № 81 The Sci-Fi Christian vs Strangers and Aliens
  • № 81 Ben vs Koby
  • № 92 Daniel vs Matt
  • (every episode) Ben vs Matt


No winner

TV Show

Doctor Who

  • Once Upon a Time
  • Game of Thrones
  • The Walking Dead
  • Grimm
  • Fringe


The Avengers

  • The Dark Knight Rises
  • John Carter
  • Prometheus
  • The Hobbit
  • Cabin in the Woods

Uncovered Topic

Doctor Who

  • Comic Reboots
  • LOST Part 3
  • Phillip K. Dick
  • Independent Christian Sci-Fi Authors
  • Will George R. R. Martin ever finish A Song of Ice and Fire
  • Horror
  • Why Avengers is Terrible for the Future of Sci-Fi Movies
  • Four-way debate

Sweetest Moment

Ben nominates Matt as a sci-fi visionary for starting The Sci-Fi Christian

Disappointing Moment

17th Precinct not going to series


№ 80 Top 5 Sci-Fi Visionaries

  • № 41 Top 5 Disney Movies
  • № 42 Top 5 Pixar Movies

Episode of the Year

№ 94 The Hobbit – That’s What I’m Tolkien About, № 83 Batman Live – Instant Reaction

  • № 49 The Time Traveler Strife
  • № 79 The Sci-Fi Catholic
  • № 88 Darth Mickey – Disney Buys Lucasfilm
  • № 93 Scientologyness
27:58 Let's go to the next category, which is Awkward Moment of the Year. But! This actually tied with Funniest Moment of the Year. These were all write-in votes. So, Koby, I think you're up, which, this is actually perfect for Awkward Moment.
35:25 Daniel reads the nominees for the "Lack of Follow Through" award Number 2: Matt's promise that he would have guest hosts during 2012. Well, he had you two.
36:24 Ben reads Koby's bio from the website 'Koby Radcliffe is known for two loves in life, cats (and cat accessories) and an undying dediction to the John Carter franchise. When not balling string or darning socks, Koby often enjoys knitting, playing bridge and re-reading the Twilight saga. Koby attends seminary at Bethel University.' Bethel probably wants you to take that last part off.
37:45 Ben says he might restart the Game of Thrones video reviews since they were the most requested thing they didn't do in 2012. Maybe I'll take it over with my own cohost. Yeah, you should do that. I'd be totally fine with that. Hey, guess what? You should start your own podcast and never come back. Oh, guess what? ...I got nothin'.

Matt says 2013 will be the Year of the Guest Host.

Francisco Ruiz does the second Reject or Resurrect on The Fifth Element. It's a resurrect.

56:08 Alright, who's up for the next opening? It's me. You? OK, perfect again: Worst Episode!

Koby and Ben think Matt should stop doing time loops.

1:06:14 Matt and Koby read from Facebook Koby and Daniel's debate: Is Batman a superhero?

1:06:28 Koby reads his own comments on Facebook Do you consider Iron Man a superhero? I do and here's why: I do not consider Tony Stark a superhero, but I do Iron Man. I need to separate Iron Man...I need to separate...why, my comments don't make any sense!
1:15:44 I just have one question, Ben: why is Daniel not taking your spot more than me? I don't say anything (usually) of relevance.

Max and Mike are now lead writers.

1:45:00 Daniel and Koby, The Sci-Fi Christian may have died without you two, so thank you for being here for me. Take that, Ben. You take a nice moment, man, a nice moment... You're the equivalent of life support as opposed to good, natural breathing.