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Matt asked Ben for an outline for the next episode during the Super Bowl. Ben had too many beers to send it.

3:24 Ben watched a football game with some friends. Alcohol makes you kind of tired, so I was just relaxed. We all thought—you know, the other three guys there were drinking as well, so everything was really funny, and it was a good time. Right now all of our listeners that were with us back in Season 1 are like, just praying that you'll become Protestant again. It's not gonna happen. Catholic Ben is so much more liberal with his theology and his character. No, the other three people there were Protestant, though. Who had drank the most though? Me. Yeah. Exactly.

Ben is a Narnian Publicationist.

16:00 Daniel butchers "Damon Lindelhof"'s name.

Ben promotes Daniel to the A Squad and demotes Koby to the Z Squad.

23:26 IgnotusWyrd remixed The History of Christianity: Triple Popes

30:22 Marvel cast a female actress in the next Captain America movie. No one knows what character she is yet. There's talks though that this actress might be related to—so like, he'll have dated the grandma and then dated the granddaughter. That's hot.

Take That, Science: Earth is now on the edge of the habitable zone

Take That, Science: Economists believe that if aliens invade in the next ten years, we will not be prepared

Take That, Science: Scientists have captured the first video of thoughts being formed

Take That, Science: The closest asteroid yet will be passing Earth

Take That, Science: Science has proven that pretending to be a superhero can make you a better person

47:23 John Chu might be the new director of Matched. I have no idea who John Chu is. Do you want to know what Matched is about? No, cuz I don't really like the young adult— You don't like that genre? We did a whole episode about it. We should do another one on it, because I kind of want to complain about it. That's why you want to do the next episode though, on fandom. We can't just do episodes when you want to complain!

Stan Lee Quote of the Week: Stan rants about prequels