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No need to listen to old news.


It's rumored that Christopher Nolan is in charge of the complete DC movie universe, Zac Snyder is directing Justice League, and Christopher Bale is returning as Batman for Justice League.

10:41 So this is what I'm thinking: I don't think we're going to see a Justice League movie. Really. I think it's gonna be—I think the first movie will be 'Superman-Batman'. Or another title for it, back in— 'World's Finest'? Yeah, 'World's Finest'. Long time ago, it was a team-up book called, 'World's Finest'. I don't know if that would translate well to today's crowd, so it might just go by 'Superman-Batman'. Yeah. Or 'Batman-Superman'. Who gets top billing? Batman. Yeah, 'Batman-Superman'. So, that's my prediction: you're not going to see Justice League, they need to work us into this world.

Ben wants DC to fire Henry Cavill and cast Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman as Batman and Superman.

22:34 Matt invents a new segment: A Slew of Casting News. Ben pushes to record a musical intro.

Stan Lee Quote of the Week: Stan thinks that kids that wear helmets while roller skating are "soggy"

40:37 Ben says The History Channel shows are low quality. What about The Bible last night? I heard it sucked. I mean, the Bible's great, but the adaptation...

Take That, Science: The world's first space tourist is planning to fund a trip to Mars in 2018 He decided 8 months later that he couldn't do it without NASA's Space Launch System, which will not be ready for use until 2020 (and probably not available for Tito's use anyway).

Take That, Science: Scientists cured HIV in a newborn baby

47:36 President Obama referenced a "Jedi mind meld" Take that, Obama!
48:52 Take that, wizard!
1:03:23 Take that, Andre!
1:05:26 Take that, RC!
1:17:12 Down with bronies!