Ben, Matt, Brady Hardin







Brady overviews his first Duncan Ross book.


Brady enjoyed cruising on his honeymoon. Matt is considering cruising for his honeymoon. Ben recommends never going on a cruise.

4:55 Take that, Daniel Butcher!

Main Topic

Matt asks Brady how many times he's been married (once). Ben wants to open every interview with that question.

Matt and Brady talk about LOST until Ben cuts them off.

Brady acted in Completing Kaden (credited as "Brady Lovesou"). He describes it as a Christian rip-off of Boy Meets World.

Brady's Bacon number is 3: he also appeared in Logan with Aleh Neliubin, who was in Safelight with Juno Temple, who was in Black Mass with Kevin Bacon.

His book, Duncan Ross Book One: The Follies of Haven Island, is a Pilgrim's Progress-esque allegory.

Ben asks if Brady wrote the allegory to be specifically Reformed Baptist. Brady says he tried to focus on beliefs broadly accepted between Christian denominations.

Ben clarifies the Catholic view on grace versus works for salvation: grace initiates salvation, then we must work to retain it.

Brady was heavily influenced by Campbell's Hero of a Thousand Faces.

57:11 Older women have a thing for the Amish. That's your fact of the day on The Sci-Fi Christian. I wonder if they have podcasts like this, where it's like, The Amish Christian. The Amish? I don't think so. I mean, the Amish don't even have electricity. That's true. They have town meetings instead of podcasts. It's all live. They go to the town square where they usually do their hangings. Take that, Amish! Take that, Amish! You do know they're pacifists? Yeah, but they're not going to hear any of this, so it's not actually going to offend them. That's always my motto. That's right. Well, unless they're disobedient Amish. If you're listening to this and you're Amish, shame on you. Yeah, put that iPod down. Get back to your cottage! No no no, I think you should do an episode with them, that would be so interesting. What would we do? Like, introduce them to lights?

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Archivist Note

It only took Matt 11 months after this episode to finish the last two thirds of the book.