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No need to listen to old news. Check the guide for what's interesting in hindsight.

Jorge Bergoglio becomes the first pope from the Americas (and the first from the Southern Hemisphere), the first Jesuit pope, and the first pope named Francis. He's also the first non-European pope in a millennium.

Matt plans to release the Bible Trivia podcast in the SFC feed but with separate numbering. Possibly they'll spin off more podcasts.

Matt wants to do SFC-sanctioned top 100 lists. Eventually he wants to do movies and books, but they'll start with TV shows.

Ben says the listeners can send in as many shows as they like. Matt reins him in and asks for top 20 lists.


Skip Crust started listening again.

15:59 On Jurassic Park They should have let the kids get eaten. Teach children a lesson.

20:35 The original "Ben is Right" sound clips

Iran is planning to "sue Hollywood" because they looked bad in Argo.

Stan Lee Quote of the Week: Stan thinks "comicbook" should be one word because they are not funny books.

30:17 So Damon Lindelhof, whatever you have to say about— No, 'Lindelof'. What? What did I say? You added a 'hoff', like— Yeah, Lindelof. Lindelhof. No no no. It's not 'Lindelhof'? 'Lindelof'. With an 'L'. Lindelof? Like, 'Go Lindelof yourself!' 'Lindel off!'

Take That, Science: Babies conceived in space might not develop normally

30:48 If you're gonna go to space, Matt, there's something you might not want to do. What? Have sex. In space? In space. Why? Well, apparently— Oh, because I'm not married.
31:27 Matt wants to write fiction based on the last Take That, Science This is an idea for a book. It is. OK. So two people go have sex in space— Let's just leave it. We don't want to ruin any of the surprises. So it'll be called Sex in Space, coming to a book store near you. Probably not going to be the title, cuz we're gonna have to brand it Sci-Fi Christian. So I don't know if— The Sci-Fi Christian's Guide to Sex in Space.

Take That, Science: People are trying to ban Google glass

33:02 Take that, Matt Anderson! Take that, lasik surgery!

Matt forgot to save the Slew of Casting News sound clip

40:39 Some of our listeners didn't listen closely when I asked to keep their listener feedback shorter so we could pick good soundbites. And so you're going to be punished and I'm not going to read your feedback. I'm sorry, listeners. You had your chance. I love it! I love being hard on our listeners.


41:15 Hank sends 3 emails excoriating Ben. The hardest I've heard Matt and Ben laugh during feedback to this point.