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Time Loop of

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An interesting and funny discussion of a great sci-fi topic and how it relates to Christianity. Featuring delirious Ben!


Skip Crust, Matt and Ben's pastor, and Talan Gwynn, homeschooler who's written papers about the podcast, join as guest hosts

Main Topic

Ben asks the listeners to keep track of the books Matt says he will read eventually. First one is The Hunger Games. Matt listened to the audio book the month after this episode was recorded.

Is there an alternate universe where Jesus didn't die for us? Where Eve fell but Adam didn't? Where God never created humans?

Terms defined:

  • Alternate universe: Narnia
  • Parallel universe: Fringe
  • Alternate or deviant timeline: branching multiverse

Ben threatens to sue Rob Bell

Ben proves that if alternate universes exist, humans are spiritually connected to their alternate universe counterparts, and since there will be at least one version of everyone that is saved, everyone will be saved (Eph. 1:23, 1 Cor. 15:25)

Ben wants to do textual criticism on Bibles from different universes

Ben wants to teach multiverse hermaneutics with Matt when they're both doctors

Would doctrine be identical across the multiverse?

Was the Fall inevitable?

30:53 Maybe there's a universe of raccoons, where raccoons are sentient beings, and Jesus comes as a racoon.
50:55 Skip doesn't want alternate universes to exist because it would make theology messy. Well, if it exists, we probably won't find out about it so long as you are the pastor at Epic Life Church. So don't sweat it.