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Ben brings President Obama back on the show.

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Daniel leaves a voicemail apologizing to Ben for going to see G. I. Joe: Retaliation.

Ben listened to the G. I. Joe: Retaliation episode. He just couldn't believe the episode happened.

Ben accidentally calls Koby, "Koby"

Stan Lee Quote of the Week: Stan Lee rants against neckties

24:17 Ben says he doesn't like neckties because he has a large neck You have a large neck? Yeah. So it's uncomfortable. Let me take a look. Never really noticed your neck before. And you know what they say. It's not that large. You really think it's that large? Yeah. You know what they say though. No. Don't. I don't even want to know. Large neck… …large necktie?

Christopher Eccleston will not appear in the Doctor Who 50th anniversary episode

Take That, Science: A doctor claims to have an alien corpse

Take That, Science: Voyager 1 exited the solar system

Roger Ebert died

31:12 Ben reads some of Roger Ebert's sci-fi movie reviews

34:20 Peter Berg, who is a director for Friday Night Lights, these two other bad movies: Hancock, Battleship. He's on board to direct the pilot for The Leftovers. Ben? Yeah, that's gonna suck.

Ben gives his The Lord of the Rings pipe questions again. So far no one has entered the contest.

44:10 Ben reviews the questions for his contest And question 5: what was Tolkien's preferred pipe material? And you need to be specific there. Like you said, when you guessed, you said wood. I'm not saying whether wood is right or not, but wood, even if it was right, would not have counted cuz it's not specific. Like I would have had to have said like, pine wood. Well, yeah. So, briar pipes are pretty prominent, meerschaum, corncob, clay, metal, hardwood. Those are kind of the general categories. So I made that one multiple choice. Like, oak wood. No, I'm just—those are the categories. So: briar wood, meerschaum, corncob, hardwood, or clay. And like, another—like maybe birch wood.