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Great philosophical questions in a new context

The mob has used MMOs to launder money and call hits on people.

14:43 Pat Robertson clip: D&D destroyed people's lives

16:26 Ben and Matt were warned about D&D in their church youth groups I was told to stay away from Dungeons & Dragons. So yeah, you know what I'm talking about. It's a sin. Big sin. Yeah. It's like on a level with... Prostitution. The Ouija board I was gonna say.

Is it moral to sell an item in a video game for real money since it's not a real object? Is it just selling entertainment in the same way as buying an experience like a movie theatre ticket?

A father thought his son was playing a video game too much so he hired an in-game assassin to kill his son's character.

Is killing someone in a game immoral? Is it defrauding someone to harass someone in a game because of out-of-game grudges?

A couple Eve Online players ran a ponzi scheme in-game. Is that morally wrong if there were no rules against it?

Are you disobeying an authority if you break a game's rules? If you cheat at checkers are you sinning against the creator of checkers?

Ben thinks cheating at checkers is not a sin.

45:39 Sci-Fi Christian Story Time: Ben Appeals His Parking Ticket

Top 4 Reasons Ben Shouldn't Get a Parking Ticket


  1. No one explained to him that there were lots he couldn't park in.
  2. The signage around the lots is inadequate and confusing.
  3. A warning would have been sufficient.
  4. It was an employee space and he is a student worker.