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No need to listen to old news. Check the guide for what's interesting in hindsight.

Ben put Koby on Theo's List for 5¢ and he was willing to go lower. Strangers and Aliens bought him.

Matt's favorite Koby moment was his first episode where he had a title but no content. Ben says it was their first bad episode. Yeah, probably.

Ben's favorite Koby moment was selling him on Theo's List.

11:27 Marvel regained the film and TV rights to Daredevil I'm actually pretty psyched about this cuz Daredevil is probably my favorite Marvel superhero. That's shocking. No, he's awesome. I'm just saying it's shocking based on your stance on blind people. I'm pro-blind people, I just don't get how they use the internet!

Daniel calls in with Iron Man 3 news and trolls Ben.

Ben predicts Iron Man 3 will be a 4 star movie. Matt predicts 5 stars.

Dave Johnson suggests uploading podcast episodes to YouTube. No no no

23:41 Take that, JJ!

Take That, Science: A new discovery on Europa could lead to finding alien life

24:11 Do you ever feel like we got gypped in the moon category? Yeah, cuz we just have one and we call it 'moon'?
24:33 We should find a way to launch a second moon. OK. Hmm, interesting. Wouldn't that mess up our gravity? Probably, but it would be worth it.
26:24 If we were going to launch part of planet Earth into space to be Moon 2-- Canada. What would you say? I'm good with Canada.

Ben reviews moon creation theories:

  • Giant Impact Hypothesis: Mars-size body hit Earth and knocked a chunk off that went into orbit
  • Co-formation Theory: moon formed at same time
  • Capture Theory: Earth snagged a passing body

Stan Lee Quote of the Week: Stan teams up with HISHE to make fun of Star Wars

Stan Lee Quote of the Week: Stan is tough and gritty

35:18 Bryan Singer is adding two more X-Men to X-Men: Days of Future Past Bishop. Enough. Enough, Bryan Singer! For it or against it? Against it! No more! And the--I believe this guy is a Native American X-Men, whose name is Warpath. Oh. Well, that's good. For it or against it? I don't want to be against that one.
35:50 Lee Pace may play The Collector in Guardians of the Galaxy I'm for it, and I'm also for Bishop, but I'm against Warpath. Little racist there. No, I just never really liked that character. Probably because of his skin color.


Taylor argues that oversaturation can only be defined in hindsight: as long as sequels are high quality, it's not oversaturation. For example, Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings got sequels.

Ben's says oversaturation means low quality and poor intent, not quantity.

47:25 I don't hate anybody. Koby? I don't hate him! I think he's a fool...

Ben is Right: John Wilkerson says oversaturation is a sin and asks for the Ben is Right song