Ben, Matt







No need to listen to old news. Check the guide for what's interesting in hindsight.

Ben's one geek request for Star Wars VII: cast Simon Pegg. Wishes do come true

Take That, Science: A man found an issue of Action Comics #1 in his attic drywall

What the Frodo: The original screenwriters for Super Mario Bros are releasing a sequel in a webcomic

Matt says Guardians of the Galaxy is sounding even worse: John C. Reilly was cast.

Christopher Lee is releasing his second heavy metal album, titled "Charlemagne: the Omens of Death".

Ben wants to pause Stan Lee Quote of the Week and start a Christopher Lee Fact of the Week segment.

19:20 Ben tries to make a sound clip for Christopher Lee Fact of the Week

New segment for bad news: Aw Shire I believe this was a one and done

Aw Shire: AMC wants The Walking Dead to run indefinitely

Ben wants to hire Damon Lindelof to script doctor the podcast.

23:57 Ben tickles Matt while trying to give him a neck rub

Matt Smith is returning for Doctor Who Series 8

26:20 Take that, Matt!

Ben is for a Halo TV show, but against an Assassins Creed movie.

They try to do a Marvel news segment sound clip.

36:30 Ben makes a sound clip for David Lindelof news David Lindelof, you heard of him? Again? Have you heard of David Lindelof? *singing* It's David Lindelhof, what script is he screwing up this week? It's David Lindelof news.
37:49 A school banned children from pretending to be superheroes. Don't take that away from kids, you stupid school system! Yeah! Schools! Who needs 'em!

Ben says he hasn't read 50 Shades of Grey or any other fan fic. Other than Ready Player One.


Rick Lee James says the Power Rangers episode is the SFC's "jump the shark" episode.