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No need to listen to old news. Check the guide for what's interesting in hindsight.


Ben told inappropriate stories to the other groomsmen before Matt's wedding. They were so inappropriate, the pastor left the room.

Listener Adam is a new contributor and made a bunch of sound clips, for example, You're my most inappropriate friend.

Ben recorded a vulgar video with his friend James in Seattle. He offers to send it to listeners for a donation.

Matt restarted Flight of the Angels on his honeymoon.

Ben starts a contest: guess when Matt will finish Flight of the Angels

17:06 First "Ben was wrong" clip


Peter Capaldi will be the next Doctor.

Matt loves the state fair. Ben hates the state fair. The least surprising reveal in show history

Frederick Pohl died.

Two listeners made Matt is Right sound clips.

Matt is Right: Christopher Reeve is not George Reeves son

Ben has decided he's against JJ Abrams as the director for Star Wars.

What the Frodo: Mark Wahlberg wants to be the next Iron Man

What the Frodo: Vin Diesel mortgaged his house to finance the third Riddick movie

59:28 Take that, everyone! Take that, Avatar!

Matt Damon is in Interstellar Did Matt forget? IIRC he's surprised when Damon shows up in the movie.

Stan Lee Quote of the Week: Stan sings his own version of Yankee Doodle about Geeks Painful.

Take That, Science: Scientists say they found key to actual warp drive


Robin in the UK's complete Matt is Right clip