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15:19 How about 'thinking'? Make that an event.

What the Frodo: a naked haunted house is opening

Ben says he will start enunciating the H in Lindelhof

Ben is Right: Joss Whedon said The Avengers was a great time but not a great movie

28:15 Take that, Avengers Defenders.

Ben is Right: Joss Whedon hasn't done Dr. Horrible 2 or Hamlet because he's busy with the MCU

Ben is Right: Joss Whedon is script doctoring other MCU movies

Matt is Right: Joss Whedon would be better off making original material

Stan Lee Quote of the Week: Marvel is making the Inhumans a big deal

Koby started The Green Screen podcast about DC movies and TV shows like Arrow.

Take That, Science: A man's stomach brewed beer when he ate bread

43:36 Beer is liquid bread?! Pretty much. I never knew that. Yeah! If you love bread, you'd love beer.

48:10 #FreeJossWhedon

51:36 A studio is making a Dante's Inferno movie...based on the video game By far the angriest I've heard Ben


T-shirt slogan ideas

  • Damon Lindelhof: he's not as good as we thought
  • We are back

Koby calls Matt to talk about Survivor. Matt puts him on the air to talk about the podcast.

1:03:46 Koby can edit himself on his new podcast I don't want to edit, unless I say something really racist or sexist. Eh, not sexist, but racist, yeah.

Ben says Protestants should stop calling themselves "Protestants" because it's wrong to protest against the Church.