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As funny as the first. An enormous shame that the series ended here.

Only one of Ben's good characters from Season One is still in the "good characters" category.

Horrible Horrible Horrible Bad Characters

  • Noah's boss
    • Ben was an assistant manager at a UPS store in college. It was not "dog-eat-dog".
  • Maya and Alejandro

A scene in the finale made Ben laugh.

  • Peter Patrelli
    • The new dumbest character
  • Mel Bishop
  • West
  • Mother Patrelli
  • Nikki, Micah, DL
    • Nikki died, but the actress gets cast as another character next season.

Bad Characters

  • Claire's dumb mom and Mr. Muggles
  • Mohinder
  • Matt Parkman
  • Monica and her ultra-clichéd family
31:30 The cousin steals Micah's $600 comic book He takes it where? To a comic book store? To a pawn shop? No, he meets someone on the streets, yo! So that he can sell these to a gang! That's his contact! It's like a drug deal! And this is why these people—it's like, 'Well, he's black, so of course he's just going to sell it on the street.' No he's not, you racist SOB's! This is not how you write characters! This doesn't make any sense! Let's try not to say 'SOB' on the show. But that was a good initial. Good work. I think I should be allowed to say it when it applies to the writers of Heroes.
33:52 Monica fails the manager test at her fast food restaurant job Do you want to know what the test is for? It's now so she can become a manager, it's so she can go to management school! That this company has! You're a fast food restaurant! Come on! Well, maybe in this world they have management school. So, she fails that. And then we get several scenes of her lamenting how her dreams are ruined. Really? Really?! Your dream is to work at a fast food restaurant as a manager, and now, 'My life is over because I can't go to management school at Arby's.' It's ridiculous! But other than that she's fine.
  • Nathan Patrelli
  • Sylar

Neutral Characters

  • Molly Parker
  • George Takei
  • Claire
  • The Haitian
  • Hiro

Good Characters

  • Adam
  • Noah
  • Bob

Listeners describe Season 2 in five words or less

  • Sunshine: No no no no no
  • Travis: I'm glad it was short
  • Koby: Didn't watch
  • Aaron: Something about feudal Japan
  • Colin: Not too horrible
  • Ben Avery: Writer's strike killed it. Wasted potential
  • Daniel Butcher: Promise ruined by labor dispute
  • Chad: It made my head hurt
  • Ian: I remember nothing of it
  • Mike Poteet: I quit when writers did
  • Patrick: Stupid villains, more stupid heroes
  • Doug: Tired of Sylar
1:23 I'm surprised this show didn't keep going with the writer's strike. It seems like, y'know—it's not like there was any writing going on anyway.
1:01:54 I'm like Jesus: taking the sins of Tim Kring upon my shoulders and bearing it for the Sci-Fi Christian world.

1:02:04 Sci-Fi Christian Story Time: Ben Flips Off Two Rednecks