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Fun to hear Ben disgusted
11:25 Matt and Wayne, you two are the biggest LOST fans I know. It's sickening. It's absolutely sickening how much you both love LOST.

Ben compiled 42 LOST questions

Matt remembers thanking God for how good LOST was.

Final score: Wayne 11, Matt 18

Ben is disgusted at how easily Matt answered the questions after not watching the show in years.

1:13:49 I think the one that made me the most horrified (and I probably should have given you the point, but I didn't because it was just so disgusting) was when—this was a two-part question—what was Jacob doing when Locke is pushed out the window? And then the answer is "reading", which, OK, I thought maybe you would get that. But then my follow-up was, What is he reading? And I thought, there's no chance[...], and you didn't even let me get to the follow-up, you're just, 'He's reading Flannery O'Connor, and it's called, "Everything That's Something Must Converge".' It's like, what?! You've never even read Flannery O'Connor! That's true. This is ridiculous! That's 100% true. Do you even know who she is? I thought it was a boy! I didn't even know it wasn't a man! Oh, it's a girl?

1:16:23 Sci-Fi Christian Story Time: Ben's Disney Trip, Day 2


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