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Another great discussion about the importance of story.

Why are there so few iconic characters from the 90s to present?

Orson Scott Card says originality separates science fiction from other genres.

Originality has not always been important for stories: mythology, oral tradition, and liturgy focus on retelling the familiar.

Entertainment is not the main purpose of story.

Could C. S. Lewis have written the Narnia books if he spent his weekends watching Thor 2 instead of reading The Iliad?

34:31 Ben says it's a moral issue if 90% of your stories are just for fun

39:50 Be dissatisfied with your entertainment

49:12 Sci-Fi Christian Story Time: Ben's Disney Trip, Day 3

58:45 Who was Ellie's favorite princess? I don't know, probably Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty. Who was Owen's favorite princess? He was pretty ambivalent to all of them. He just kind of stood there and glared at them. And who was your favorite princess? Well...*laughter* I have a story there I can't share.
1:00:00 So Small World is the breaking point. And I'm like, 'I hate this ride, I hate this ride, I don't want to be here.' What were you actually saying out loud? 'I hate this ride, I hate this ride, I don't want to be here.'

Ben is Right: Ben's wife realized Disney World was terrible