Ben, Matt, Brad Jorde, Eric Klein







Excellent topic with great guests.
6:30 Matt asks Ben to tell about how he started studying masculinity We have to go back to the time of Protestant Ben here. So, Protestant Ben, I was 'sociate pastor at Epic Life Church. For some reason, I thought you were going to say a 'sociopath'.

Why does masculinity seem endangered in our culture?

Post-enlightenment western culture is the first culture in history without formalized initiation rites.

Calling out, breaking down, exposing weak points, rebuilding with certain values

11:00 Would you say you are essentially a 'man consultant'? Like a consultant on manliness? A mansultant? I could be a mansultant. I could use some mansulting. Yes. What does that mean, Brad? I don't know.
13:01 There's a huge fat squirrel right outside your window, and I really want to get it. Well, this is the man-isode. Oh, I love— Prove your manliness. Go get it. Go get it. Catch it with your bare hands and we'll all eat it here. Raw. Do you have any weapons? Yeah, man I got— This is Matt Anderson— Do you have a ninja star? No, I actually don't have that yet. I ordered one for Christmas. What about that pile of rocks there with all of those names on it, in that jar? Oh, that's a wedding thing that we got there. Perfect. Have you read all those? No, I haven't. Cuz I wrote 'Ben is Right' on mine. You did not. Did you really? Yes I did. So just to give my credentials then: through Ben's research, I had also learned a lot about masculinity, which didn't do me any good because I wasn't allowed to do the ministry with him. Gosh, are you gonna to let this go, man? I apologized like two years ago!
16:40 Hey, and speaking of men, at this table today are two of my groomsmen, and then Brad.

What traits are manly?

Top 5 Manly Sci-Fi Characters


  1. Aragorn (books)
  2. Walter White
  3. Roland the Gunslinger
  4. Eddard Stark
  5. Odysseus
  • Mario
  • Sam (Lord of Light)
  • Joel (The Last of Us)


  1. Mario
  2. Han Solo
  3. Batman
  4. Jason Bourne
  5. Jean-Luc Picard
  • James T. Kirk


  1. Corbin Dallas (The Fifth Element)
  2. Aragorn
  3. Jean-Luc Picard
  4. Worf
  5. Aslan
  • Mario
  • Sam (Lord of Light)
  • Joel (The Last of Us)


  1. Gandalf
  2. Ned Land (20,000 Leagues Under the Sea)
  3. Rubeus Hagrid
  4. Tony Stark
  5. Ender Wiggin
  • Mario
  • Sam (Lord of Light)
  • Joel (The Last of Us)

Ben says movie Aragorn is a wimp because he doesn't want to be king. I guess they tried to give him a hero's journey and this was his 'refusal of the call'.

24:15 Book Aragorn doesn't waffle about being king He knows who he's supposed to be, and he goes and be's it. Good. 'Goes and be's it?' Goes and be's it! Thank you English-major Ben. I am an English major actually! We are really behind the rest of the world in our educational system.

One male archetype is the king, either noble or tyrant.

Authentic and godly masculinity is neither suppressed nor uncontrolled

Brad uses the term "buttkickability" to mean "able to kick butt". Ben thinks it should be "buttkickableness". I propose "buttkickery"

Matt is the only one in the room without a beard.

Top 5 Manly Non-Sci-Fi Characters


  1. Bryan Mills (Taken)
  2. James Bond
  3. Cordell Walker (Walker, Texas Ranger)
  4. Rocky
  5. Steven Seagal (Steven Seagal: Lawman)

Who is manlier?

  • Liam Neeson or Harrison Ford?
  • Brad Pitt or George Clooney?
  • Robert de Niro or Al Pacino?
  • Sylvester Stallone or Bruce Willis?
  • Jean Claude van Damme or Arnold Schwarzenegger?
  • Jesse Ventura or Russell Crowe?
  • Will Smith or Tom Hanks?
  • Jackie Chan or Christian bale?
  • Harrison Ford or Nathan Fillion?
  • Morgan Freeman or Adam Sandler?
  • Steven Seagal or Chuck Norris?
  • The Rock or Stone-Cold Steve Austin?
  • Lawrence Fishburne or Jeff Bridges?
  • Robert Redford or Keanu Reeves?
  • Terry Crewes or Vin Diesel?
  • Gerard Butler or Clint Eastwood?
  • Johnny Depp or Leonardo DiCaprio?
  • John Wayne or Matt Damon?
  • Matt Damon or Ben Affleck?
  • Charlton Heston or Moses?
  • Tom Cruise or Denzel Washington?
  • Jesus or God the Father?
  • Jesus or the pope?
  • Pope Francis or Pope Benedict?
  • Pope Benedict or Pope John Paul II?
  • Benedict Cumberbatch or Martin Lawrence?