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The SFC turns on Peter Jackson

Tolkien shouldn't be a self-indulgent action movie.

Unlike the book, Bilbo doesn't do much and doesn't develop as a character.

13:42 I'm no speciesist. You know that.

At least George Lucas tarnished his own masterpiece.

Ben admits he was wrong about Christopher Tolkien and praises him for trying to preserve his father's legacy.

31:15 Matt reads Ben's review on Facebook You conclude your seven points by saying, I'm used to being disappointed by movies. Most of them aren't made for someone like me, but this one pissed me off. If pop culture insists on growing more and more mindless, so be it, but leave Tolkien out of it. If this is what passes for contemporary storytelling, count me out. Amen to that. Well, that was your—you just amened your own status.
42:00 Give me a book any day. I'm not interested in pop culture. I'm gonna start reading more next year. And yet here we are, a pop culture podcast, so hi everyone. Please keep listening.

42:57 Matt puts Ben's inappropriate joke at the end of the episode

44:00 Given that it glows, it can't be that easy to hide. It's like, Bilbo, why are your pants glowing? I mean, is there an arkenstone down there, or are you just happy to see me?