Ben, Matt, Koby







Plans for 2014

A lot of uninteresting movies are coming out.

18:20 Predicting rankings for upcoming movies This one's gotta be a five. Interstellar is a five. I hope you're both disappointed. I don't hope that, that's mean. I hope that you're pleasantly surprised. How can we be pleasantly surprised if we're expecting it to be a five? You could get a six out of five.
21:50 I honestly never liked the Muppets, so— So wait, can we keep a list here? Things Koby doesn't like: Lord of the Rings, Breaking Bad, The Muppets— LOST Doctor Who, LOST, and Christopher Nolan.
28:40 That's a good idea that we fixed in 2013: putting the listener feedback at the end of the news. Yeah. Cuz having listener feedback as its own episode, not a winning idea. Not a winning idea.

Matt wants to read some sci-fi classics this year

Ben's classic sci-fi authors list: Zelazny, Heinlein, Clarke, Dick, Herbert, Bradbury

New contest: guess how many books Ben and Matt will read in 2014