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This many hosts doesn't really work.


Not a time loop because it's never been in the feed before.

Part 2 was № 144 Aliens and Strangers Part 2: The Prometheus Paradox

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4:12 Matt has been listening to Strangers and Aliens while travelling for work. Koby has never listened to an episode. That was just like The Sci-Fi Christian, what just happened. No, you listened before you came on. To, like, one episode. I lied to you guys. Aww. Why is he here?! OK, this episode is titled, "Goodbye Koby".

Matt made the show theme with sample music from Soundtrack, the old version of Garage Band.

Best quote from part 1: Let me just make sure I understood you there: so you think the appeal is that males want to see movies where males are giving birth?

Archivist Note

I went to all the trouble of tracking this down in the Strangers and Aliens feed back at episode 144, just for it to pop up in the feed now.