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I'm sure this is catnip to X-Files fans.
6:20 Now when I hear 'stiletto'— Like high heels? It's usually used to talk about high heels. But a little research will tell you it's also— A knife. Also a knife. So if you want to know why we keep saying 'stiletto', it's not cuz we love shoes, although that is— I think most people probably know that though. That we do love shoes? Well, I guess I don't have strong feelings about shoes. I mean, I appreciate that they exist. I feel like you would be a shoe-lover. Like a lover of shoes.

Chris Carter says "The Musings of the Cigarette Smoking Man" is no longer canon. Matt wants to go back and watch the episode at the end.

Ben still likes the show but is seeing a lot of problems.

51:15 Real-Life X-File: Animal Conspiracy Theories from Israel

56:57 Sci-Fi Christian Story Time: The De Bonos Play Basketball

Archivist Note

I'm half-listening to this one during a quick grocery trip. Can we settle down with all the different types of toothpaste? Unnecessary.