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Good discussion of themes and interpretations from Aronofsky's Noah
0:53 So Ben and I saw Noah just two short days ago. We survived somehow. God didn't zap us with lightning on our way out of the theatre.

Someone called Ben an atheist and a fake Christian for liking the movie.

A lot of Christians had hysterical reactions to the movie.

Lies Christians are telling about the movie

  1. Noah teaches God didn't create the world.
  2. Noah worships Satan.
  3. The movie is about global warming.
  4. There is no mention of God.
  5. The movie is pro-abortion.
  6. The movie promotes the worship of the environment.
  7. Noah is portrayed as a vegetarian inaccurately.
  8. The movie is about overpopulation.

Contradictions from the movie to the Bible

  1. Lamech dies sooner
  2. The Nephilim don't have sex with human women
  3. Only one of Noah's sons is married
  4. Birds are sent from the ark differently
  5. God speaks through visions
  6. Noah doesn't curse Ham
  7. Naked Noah is before the covenant

Daren Aronofsky is Jewish.


  1. Tubal-cain is a metal worker
  2. God is called Creator: "Elohim" is the word in Genesis and means "Creator God"
  3. Lamech
  4. Shem, Ham, and Japheth
  5. Nephilim
  6. God regrets humanity
  7. The earth is corrupt
  8. The ark dimensions
  9. Animals in the ark
  10. God intending to save only Noah and his family
  11. Flood details (eg fountains of the deep)
  12. Vegetarianism
  13. Rainbow
  14. Naked Noah
  15. Noahic covenant