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No need to listen to old news. Check the guide for what's interesting in hindsight.
10:52 In the Ultimate universe, Spider-Woman is a clone of Peter Parker How horrifying would it be to meet a girl clone of yourself.

What the Frodo: Brett Ratner is doing an origin-story film for Winnie the Pooh

18:58 Ben hasn't seen Frozen and the only rendition of Let It Go he has heard is his daughter's So you've heard the best version. I've heard the best version. OK, good. Aw, that was sweet. And also somewhat insulting at the same time.

Take That, Science: Researchers are claiming they have proof that the Kraken was real

21:48 At the Geological Society of America's annual meeting, he presented new evidence to back up his claim in the form of a fossil that dates to about 218 million years ago, but we're Christians, so we know that can't be true.
27:34 Koby claims that Khan from Star Trek is the most crafty villain. Ben disagrees. I think he's talking about some of the actual arts and crafts that Khan does during the film. Oh! Okay, I'm onboard with him now. Yeah, Khan: heck of a knitter. Heck of a knitter. Yeah, and I saw some of his papier-mâché, and it's to die for.