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Cogent overview


0:54 They accidentally recorded with the laptop mic for the first half, but the second half is high quality. Give me a little of your voice. Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah. Exactly. So that's high quality right there.

Main Topic

Why would God imprison Satan and then let him loose again?

9:00 Matt wants to know why God would loose Satan after a thousand years of imprisonment. God is a curious guy sometimes.

The Millennium is a hot topic again.

It was heavily debated for the first few hundred years of Christianity, then not again until the Reformation.


Dispensational Pre-Millennialism

  • Second Coming, then Tribulation, then Millennium
  • Rapture and other Dispensationalist events
  • Church and Israel are separate
  • Popular in 18th-century America
  • Baptist, Evangelical, Charismatic

Historical Pre-Millenialism

  • No rapture
  • Tribulation is optional
  • Second Coming before the Millennium
  • Church and Israel are not separate
  • Indicated by the belief in the Messianic Golden Age
  • Iranaeus, Justin Martyr
  • Original theory was that humanity would exist for 6000 years, then a 1000 year Sabbath


  • Second Coming after Millennium
  • Millennium may or may not be literally 1000 years
  • Originated in the 17th century
  • Theonomy - Mosaic Law should be observed by modern society
  • Often goes with a social gospel belief
  • Baptist, Evangelical, Charismatic


  • aka Inaugurated Millennialism
  • Kingdom was inaugurated at the Resurrection
  • Revelation is allegorical
  • Origen, Calvin, Luther
  • Augustine was originally Pre-Millennialist, became Amillennialist
  • Catholic church settled here at Council of Nicea
  • Eastern Orthodox, most mainline Protestants and Anglicans
  • "And his kingdom shall have no end" is in the Nicean Creed as a condemnation of Pre-Millennialism

Preterist - end-times prophecies were fulfilled in the first century

Anabaptists and similar groups went back to Millennialism after the Reformation, even though Luther and Calvin weren't on board.

Why does this doctrine matter?

Pre-Millennialism tends to produce dualistic thought of "this world is not my home". Post-Millennialism leads to believing that we can build the Kingdom through secular efforts.