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No need to listen to old news. Check the guide for what's interesting in hindsight.


Ben went to C2E2 with Rick Lee James and Daniel Ford.

Main Topic

Ben's proposed top news: Ridley Scott is developing Pharaoh, an Egypt Ancient Aliens show for HBO.

Bob Hoskins died of pneumonia. Ben didn't know you could die from pneumonia.

11:39 Eulogy for Bob Hoskins, who played Mario Mario in Super Mario Bros

11:29 Eulogy for Bob Hoskins, who played Mario Mario in Super Mario Bros So, I'm sorry everyone. Mario is dead. Alright, next piece of news. That sucks. That does suck. Especially for him. Well, unless he's in heaven. Yeah, in which place, shout out to Bob. We'll see ya in fifty or less years. *starts humming Mario theme music* *sad trombone sound*

Matt Damon is rumored to be playing Aquaman in Justice League.

17:33 Ben invents a Fake News Segment for satirical news

Fake News: two Christian movies are getting sequels: Heaven Is Real 2: So Is Hell and God's Not Dead 2: Neither Is Satan

What the Frodo: David Spade is developing Joe Dirt 2

What the Frodo: Sony wants to create a live action Barbie movie franchise

Yahoo! is creating a streaming service.

Matt is Right: Hugh Jackman says the next Wolverine movie will probably be his last

Take That, Science: Doctor claims watching The Walking Dead is hurting society

30:36 Take that, doctor.


Matt created the theme music the morning they recorded the first episode. He created nine or ten songs and they picked the best.