Ben, Matt







The cracks are starting to show.


Starting with the next episode in the series, they will cover a season at a time.

2:09 We have discovered in our excavation thus far that the X-Files mythology episodes are clearly not meant to be watched back to back to back. OK. I could probably see that, yeah. That's what you said. I'm like repeating your words in the email you wrote me. Yes, exactly. 'Well that sounds reasonable, I have to think about it.' You're thinking about the exact thing you said! OK, I'll be honest: I was clicking on my notes to get them ready. So I guess I'll just tell you some things behind the scenes. I mean, we're on an episode no one's listening to, let's be honest. That's right. So if I say things like, 'Interesting,' that means I'm either not listening or I don't have a response. Right. Or if I say, 'Seems reasonable,' or something like that, it means I'm just trying to think of some sort of phrase to keep the conversation going while I'm not paying attention.

7:30 Sci-Fi Christian Story Time: The Wasp Nest the Size of a Football

Ben remembered Seasons 4 and 5 being the high point, but has been disappointed by the Season 4 rewatch. It's poorly written and the mythology doesn't hold together.

23:13 I wonder if X-Files is better left in your memories.

Real-Life X-File: Living in a Simulation