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Fascinating topic

An expansion on the previous week's Real-Life X-File.

A white paper posits that we are all part of a simulation.

Moore's Law says computers will be powerful enough by 2050 to simulate every human mind that has ever existed.

If it's possible, it is possible we're already in a simulation.

Who owns the new symphonies that AI Mozart writes?

Simulations could hypothetically end politics: if you disagree on policy, you could simulate both and choose the policy with better results. "Better results" is a value judgment, so I think you'd still have a place for politics.

31:24 Predicting what episode they'll be on by June 24, 2019

Ben says 750, Matt says 1113

They got to 729 in the main feed, plus 31 Patreon episodes. You could even fudge the numbers to get 750 exactly: 729 Main feed, 11 Extra, 9 Sports suite, plus 1 Bible Trivia episode. The uncensored episodes wouldn't have happened without Patreon, so those are left off.

Would AI have souls?

The better your life is, the more likely you are an AI.


Matt says Hercules is the best show to watch on mute.